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An ISO Certified organization offering a wide range of metallurgical powders and products such as Copper Powder, Zinc Powder, Lead Powder, Bronze Powder, Atomized Aluminum Powder, Copper Fiber, Brass Chips, Brass Fiber, etc...

About Us

We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified company and have an experience of over 15 years in this domain. Established in the year 1982, we, Sarda Industrial Enterprises are widely popular as the manufacturer, exporter, supplier, trader and wholesaler/distributor of a wide range of metallurgical powders and products such as Copper Powder, Copper Metal Powder, Non-Ferrous Metal Powders, Zinc Powder, Lead Powder, Bronze Powder, Atomized Aluminum Powder, Copper Fiber, Brass Chips, Brass Powder, Brass Fiber, Antimony Powder and others. Our range of powders is supplied to the India's multinational companies and corporate sectors. Our knowledge about metallurgical powders is the result of close research on industrial dynamics and co-operation with our clients.

Our main strength is quality, and it is a result of our constant endeavor to improve quality of products like Copper Powder, Copper Metal Powder, Non-Ferrous Metal Powders, etc. To ensure a proper quality products, we start from the scratch that is to procure raw materials from reliable vendors and check it in our laboratory. Then after, there is a complete quality checking procedures during production and various other stages in order to ensure our range of powders and other products meeting the international standards. We are professionally managed, customer driven company with a team of qualified, skilled and dedicated workforce. Our workforce is totally committed to fulfill desired objectives and diligently look after Total Customer Satisfaction. Expeditious delivery of quality products includes Copper Powder, Copper Metal Powder, Non-Ferrous Metal Powders, etc with a touch of our customized service makes the real difference.

Our Moto

We aim at exceeding the expectations of each client by offering them a set of products like as Copper Powder, Copper Metal Powder, Non-Ferrous Metal Powders having a matchless quality factor, along with a reliable array of services which would satisfy you beyond all doubt.

Product Portfolio

Our products find wide application in various industries. They are produced under the strict supervision of chemical analysts, who have knowledge of the complete manufacturing process. Our products are duly tested for their efficacy and chemical nature, so that they can easily fulfill the user's requirement. Our range includes:

Metal Powders

  • Copper Powder
  • Copper Grits
  • Tin Powder
  • Lead Powder
  • Zinc Powder
  • Zinc Dust
  • Bronze Powder
  • Antimony Powder
  • Aluminium Powder
  • Bismuth Powder
  • Alloy Powders [Diffused]

Metal Fibers

  • Copper Fibers
  • Bronze Fibers
  • Brass Fibers

Metal Chips

  • Copper Chips
  • Bronze Chips
  • Brass Chips

Test Methods for Metal Powders

Apparent Density (AD)

Apparent Density is the weight of a unit volume of powder. It is generally stated as grams per cubic centimeter, is measured by a Hall Flow meter.

The powder to be tested is poured into the funnel of orifice diameters ranging from 2.5 and 5mm, from which it flows into a 2500 density cup. The weight of a 2500 density cup is measured to determine AD. AD(g/cc) = Powder Weight (g) /Unit volume (cc)

Flow Rate (FR)

The time required for a powder sample of standard weight to pass through an orifice in an instrument as per the required process. Flow Rate is normally the time of 50 g metal powder to is passing through the Flow rate measuring Hall Flow meter, unit is sec/509(2.5 or50).

Sieve Analysis

Particle size distribution, normally is defined as the percentage of weight retained on each of the series of standard screens of decreasing mesh size as well as the percentage that is passed by the screen of the finest size; also called screen classification.

H2 Loss

The loss in weight of a metal powder after heating a specified sample according to a specified procedure in a purified hydrogen atmosphere.

H2 loss %= A-B/A X 100

A : Weight of sample before deoxidization

B : Weight of sample after deoxidization

Physical Properties Of Metals

Standard Sieves

Most Popular Products
Copper Powder
Enlarge Product View
The application of Copper Powder can be noticed in sintered products manufacturing industry. Available in two different grades, this metal powder is utilized for preparing brake pads, carbon brushes and carbon moldings. Also suitable for chemical reaction application purpose, this product is appreciated for its high purity level.
Bronze Flakes
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Formulated by using copper and tin, the Bronze Chips are available in two different grades. Accurate composition, unique conductivity level, long storage life, rust proof formation and easy availability in the market are some of their special features. Due to their lead free content, these are completely safe for the environment.
Copper Chips
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Made from premium quality copper, the Copper Chips can be obtained in five different grades. These are used as essential elements of low metallic non asbestos brake pads. Compositional accuracy, high effectiveness and exceptional conductivity level are some of their special features.
Brass Chips
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Developed from copper, zinc and lead, the Brass Chips are used as an indispensable part of automobile components. High heat sinking capacity, necessary friction rate and exceptional sound insulation properties are unique features of these metal chips. We are offering these chips at lowest price range.
Bismuth Powder
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Bismuth Powder is used as one of the key elements of fusible alloy. It is also used for producing thermal fuses and solder fuses. This metal powder is also used for protecting building interior against harmful gamma rays. Unique sintering shrinkage capacity is one of its special attributes.
Copper Fiber
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Copper Fiber is reckoned as a special kind of metal fiber. High compressive strength, high tensile strength and crack proof formation are some distinctive characteristics of this metal fiber. The Copper Fibers is made of high purity electrolytic copper with a purity of 99.9%.
Brass Fiber
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The utilization of Brass Fiber can be noticed in electrical as well as textile industries. Due to its excellent heat releasing properties, this type of metal fiber is used for producing clutch linings and brake linings. The manufacturing technique of this product is in sync with industry specified standard.
Metal Fibers
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Made of good quality stainless steel or carbon steel, the Metal Fibers are used for developing phone lines and television cable lines. These are also used for designing carpets. High insulation properties, rust protected design, high mechanical strength and lowest price range are some distinctive characteristics of these products.
Bronze Powder
Enlarge Product View
The Bronze Powder is used as an essential part of sintered products manufacturing process. It is also used for producing bushings and bearings, filters and pigments. Irregular particle shape and non toxic nature are some of its remarkable features.Due to its properties, it is used for manufacturing paint and coating.